The «Flat World» is gathering in Tunisia First of three days dedicated to the hope of a future world without a digital divide, this 16th of November 2005 will remain in the universal memory as the day where everything seemed quite possible. A new world, with new hopes for a widespread access to development, and information society. It is said in the draft project of the Tunis Commitment that the representatives of the people of the world reaffirm their desire and commitment to build a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society... so that people everywhere can create, access, utilize and share information and knowledge, to achieve their full potentiel and to attain the internationally-agreed development goals and objectives. It is not an utopia, every word of this profession of faith is absolutely possible, at the very least beacause the thousands of people representing governments, private sector, associations / NGO and international institutions are really the vangard ot that «Flat World» with innumerable opportunities described by our colleague Thomas L. Friedman in his latter book, quoting Nandan Nilekani, one of the moste thoughtful and respected captains of India industry : «Tom, the playing field is being leveled». A platform where intellectual work, intellectual capital, could be delivered from anywhere. Manoubi AKROUT manoubi.akrout@planet.tn

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